The Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies is a faculty- and student-edited, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal focusing on the intersections of global and domestic legal regimes, markets, politics, technologies, and cultures.

This journal seeks to facilitate dialogue among international communities of scholars in law, politics, economics, anthropology, philosophy, and other disciplines with intersecting concerns bearing on new forms of global law in the United States and around the world. By its very nature, the globalization of law challenges the conventional boundaries among subject disciplines and professional research practices, as well as the boundaries around sovereign state regulatory regimes. We hope the journal will be a forum for both ongoing research and interdisciplinary, international collaboration.

In brief, the long range goals of this journal are four-fold:

  • to establish collaborative relationships among scholars of different disciplines, especially law, political science, economics, philosophy, and anthropology;
  • to lay the foundations for new modes of interdisciplinary communication on an ongoing basis;
  • to advance scholarship in this area by encouraging the creation of new linkages across interdisciplinary theories of global change;
  • and to facilitate the development of reforms and new perspectives on domestic and international regulatory structures.