Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, Volume 31.1

Issue 1 of Volume 31 features two articles and five student notes written by law students at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law.


  • Religion, Colonialism, and Legal Pluralism: The Story and Legacy of the Egyptian Choice of Law Rules for Personal Status International and Interpersonal Conflicts of Law
    Yehya Badr
  • English Company Law: Legal Architecture for a Global Law Market
    Andrew P. Morriss & Charlotte Ku


  • Limiting Child Sex Trafficking Through Global Healthcare Identification Training
    Katherine L. Bingaman
  • The Feasibility of Harmonizing International Copyright For the Music Industry
    Ryan Kayvan Karimabady
  • The Data Localization: From China and Beyond
    Wenxi Lu
  • Should Nature Have Standing
    Martha Louise Slaymaker
  • International Fertility Tourism: The Need for Uniform Laws to Protect Surrogates and Babies
    Mrunal B. Vansadia