Volume 12, Issue 2

The Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe and the Democratic Legitimacy of the European Union

Comment: Autonomy and the Public-Private Distinction in Bioethics and Law

American Constitutional Fantasies: Escape from Difference Through Escape from Government

Functional Participation in EU Delegated Regulation: Lessons from the United States at the EU’s “Constitutional Moment”

Good Administration and Administrative Procedures

Access to U.S. Federal Courts as a Forum for Human Rights Disputes: Pluralism and the Alien Tort Claims Act

The Functional Representation of the Individual’s Interests Before the EC Courts: The Evolution of the Remedies System and the Pluralistic Deficit in the EC

Back to Government? Reregulating British Railways

Fighting Terrorism

Administrative Procedures and Democracy: The Italian Experience

Symposium Introduction: Back to Government? The Pluralistic Deficit in the Decisionmaking Processes and Before the Courts

Reframing the Issue: AIDS as a Global Workforce Crisis and the Emerging Role of Multinational Corporations

“The Regulatory Grass is Greener”: A Comparative Analysis of the Alien Tort Claims Act and the European Union’s Green Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility

The Concept of Statutory Law in EU Perspective

Pluralistic Deficit and Direct Claims to European Constitutional Courts

Taking Legal Pluralism Seriously: The Alien Tort Claims Act and the Role of International Law Before U.S. Federal Courts