Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, Volume 29.1

Issue 1 of Volume 29 features five articles and three student notes written by law students at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law.


  • Access to Medicine in Developing Countries: Instituting State Obligation over Corporate Profit
    Hakeem Yusuf & Kamil Omoteso
  • State Leadership vs. Lawyers’ Entrepreneurship: The Globalization of Trajectories of Chinese Legal Professionals under the Belt & Road Initiative
    Jing Li
  • Civil Society and Regional Human Rights Development in Asia: Lessons from the Asian Human Rights Court Simulation
    Mark Shope & Wen-Chen Chang
  • European Cross-Sectoral Collective Bargaining as Post-Crisis Social Policy
    Pascal McDougall,
  • Constitutional-Drafting After the Arab Spring: A Comparative Overview
    Francesco Biagi


  • Woody Guthrie Was Wrong: Indigenous Sovereignty, Climate-Related Legal Actions, and Frameworks of Justice
    Connor Marcum
  • Ending Demand for Modern-Day Slavery: An Analysis of Human Trafficking in the Global Marketplace
    Rachel Leach 
  • The Nansen Passport System: A Manipulation of Humanitarian Efforts
    Kacey Bengel