Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, Volume 24.1

Issue 1 of Volume 24 will feature seven articles related to the theme of “Domestic Enforcement of Global Private Regulation: Debating the Case of Corporate Social Responsibility Codes,” a lecture in global law, and four student notes written by law students at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law.



  • Why Domestic Enforcement of Private Regulation Is (Not) the Answer: Making and Questioning the Case of Private Corporate Social Responsibility Codes Anna Beckers & Mark Kawakami
  • Legalization Under the Premises of Globalization: Why and Where to Enforce Corporate Social Responsibility Codes  Anna Beckers
  • Enforcing Corporate Social Responsibility Codes Under Private Law Jan Smits
  • Corporate Codes in the Varieties of Capitalism: How Their Enforcement Depends Upon the Difference Between Production Regimes Gunther Teubner
  • The Enforcement of Corporate Codes as Private Co-Regulatory Instruments in Corporate Governance Jan Eijsbouts
  • A Lex Mercatoria for Corporate Social Responsibility Codes Without the State?  Larry Catá Backer
  • A Treaty on Enforcing Human Rights Against Business:  Closing the Loophole or Getting Stuck in a Loop? Pierre Thielbörger & Tobias Ackerman
  • Pitfalls of Over-Legalization Mark Kawakami


  • Fading Extraterritoriality and Isolationism? Developments in the United States Austen Parrish


  • Irreconcilable Prinicples: Minority Rights and Immigration in a Religious State Abigael Bosch
  • Adrift in the Sea: The Impact of the Business Supply Chain Transparency on Trafficking and Slavery Act of 2015 on Forced Labor in the Thai Fishing Industry Katharine Fischman
  • A New Equilibrium? How the United State Shale Gas Revolution Has Systematically Changed Everything We Know About Oil  Christopher Hanewald
  • Security Council Resolution 2178 (2014): An Ineffective Response to the Foreign Terror Fighters Phenomenon  Cory Kopitzke