Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, Volume 27.1

Issue 1 of Volume 27 will feature ten articles related to the theme of “Access to Justice and Liberal Democracies: Global, Regional and National Solutions to a Worldwide Problem,” and five student notes written by law students at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law.


  • The Right to Access to Justice: Its Conceptual Architecture Daniel Bonilla Maldonado
  • Public Law, Precarity, and Access to Justice  Amnon Lev
  • Access to Justice for Collective and Diffuse Rights: Theoretical Challenges and Opportunities for Social Contract Theory Colin Crawford
  • Movement Lawyering Scott L. Cummings
  • The Mandarins of the Law: Pro Bono Legal Work from a Comparative Perspective Daniel Bonilla Maldonado
  • Pro Bono Work in Colombia: How Can it Help Broaden, Equalize and Ensure Access to Justice Ana Bejarano Ricaurte
  • Cause Lawyering and Compassionate Lawyering in Clinical Legal Education: The Case of Chile Fernando L. Muñoz
  • Access to Justice and Legal Clinics: Developing a Reflective Lawyering Space. Some Insights from the Italian Experience Marzia Barbera and Venera Protopapa
  • Public Defender’s Offices in Brazil: Access to Justice, Courts and Public Defenders Alexandre dos Santos Cunha
  • The Legal Fiction of the Right to Defense in the Colombian Criminal Justice System Manuel Iturralde


  • Passport to Plastics: Cosmetic Surgery Tourism, Medical Malpractice, and the Automatic Establishment of Personal Jurisdiction by Way of the Joint Commission International Elizabeth Astrup
  • The Dangers of Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine, and a Partial Solution Matthew Bellinger
  • Temporary Protection Status: A Yugoslavian Precedent Medina Dzubur
  • Addressing Transplant Tourism Problems and Proposed Solutions: Regulation Instead of Prohibition Colleen Naumovich
  • An Analysis of a Recent European Court of Human Rights’ Decision as a Necessary and Perhaps Overdue Intervention in the Realm of Freedom of Expression Rachael Taylor