Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, Volume 28.2

Issue 2 of Volume 28 features four articles and three student notes written by law students at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law.  Volume 28.2 may be accessed here.


  • “I Wish There Was a Treaty We Could Sign”: An Inquiry into the Making of the Global Pact for the Environment
    Marie-Catherine Petersmann
  • Twists & Swirls: Caregiving & Sexualization—Femininity Construct in Gendered Migration from Nigeria to Italy
    Christiana Essie Sagay 
  • US-China Transnational Law in a Time of Trade Crisis
    Carrie Shu Shang 
  • Torn Between Institutionalisation & Judicialisation: The Demise of the EU-US Privacy Shield
    Elaine Fahey & Fabien Terpan


  • Zero Sympathy: Unaccompanied Minors’ Rights in the US Immigration System
    Mahrukh Ali
  • How the World’s Largest Economies Regulate Data Privacy: Drawbacks, Benefits, & Proposed Solutions
    Alexander J. Pantos
  • I Just Took a DNA Test—Turns Out, I’m 100% Breaching My Donor Anonymity Contract: Direct-to-Consumer DNA Testing and Parental Medical-Decision-Making
    Morgan Catherine York